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5 Easy Steps to Kickstart a Low Waste Lifestyle: Diver’s Edition

Starting your own zero waste journey, but don’t know what you can do or where to start such a lifestyle? It can be extremely daunting! Don’t worry though, we’ve gotten together with The Sustainability Project and here are 5 easy ways you can start you low waste journey!

Less is MOARRR

An easy way of going green is to simply just buy less! Simple huh? Through your daily purchases at the grocer or monthly splurges on hobby needs and wants!

Always search for a second-hand version of your items first

Looking for a new pair of fins or a new masks? When are we not right? A lot of us divers go through multiple fins and masks even before finding the one with the perfect fit! some of us still have these mostly unused pairs of fins sitting around in our storeroom doing nothing! Ask around, friends, dive shops and carousell if there are any for sale. Might even save you that extra buck for upcoming dive trips!

Recycle your trash

From the Nespresso capsules to canned drinks and packaging we inevitably get in the mail or from shopping. We all have that lilttle bit we can do to recycle! According the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, Semakau landfill will most likely fill up by 2035 if we don’t do anything! A simple extra bin at home for recycling items will go a long way to reducing the amount of waste we as individuals use.

A Simple Cutlery set From The Sustainability Project

Skip the holder

We’ve all been to the kopitiam to dapao our favourite Kopi or Teh, even multiple times a day for some of us. A quick step towards that Zero waste lifestyle would be skip the plastic holder we get with those drinks. Albeit getting our hands a tad wet when holding a cold drink, or a little warm with that hot one. These little plastic thingies do add up to something significant!


Going to the supermarket or heading out for some packed lunch? Chuck a small reusable bag into your pocket or purse it’ll reduce the need for a plastic bag. Better yet, have a mug or flask ready to be used at the office when heading down for that caffeine fix!

Pretty easy to work towards that zero waste lifestyle yeah? Now with this little steps everyone will be able to make an impactful and conscious change towards that common goal. For us here at Scuba Knights, with the help of The Sustainability Project we’re doing our little steps towards consciously being more sustainable! Head over to The Sustainability Project for even more ideas and little mug for that office table of yours!