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Diving Courses

Considering to take up scuba diving? Scuba Knights is the perfect place to do it! Your safety and marine conservation are our main concern, integrated with fun and proper teaching for our students. We’ll be taking care of your every needs so you can concentrate on enjoying an immersive and holistic diving experience!

We offer SSI (Scuba Schools International, currently the largest certification agency in South East Asia) courses, which adheres to and exceeds the European Underwater Federation (EUF) and ISO 24801 standards. All courses, be it beginner or professional, are taught by experienced instructors who are trained beyond the official standards to adapt to our students’ pace in order to achieve proper learning. Most importantly, we strictly adhere to the ratio of maximum 4 divers to 1 crew for open water sessions.

At the end of the day, our bounden duty is your safety and security during dives and we swear by this creed.

SSI Extended Range Center
SSI Instructor Training Center
SSI Dive Center

Scuba Knights is proud to be awarded the “SSI Dive Center of the Year 2018” and George, Scuba Knight’s Assistant Instructor Trainer, “Top Instructor of Year 2018”, presented by SSI SMB during ADEX 2019. We are honored that our commitment towards customer satisfaction and safety has been recognized.


Open Water Courses

SGD649 / per person
The SSI Open Water Diver course allows complete beginners to become certified scuba divers. You’ll need to be at least…

Advanced Adventurer

SGD548 / per person
The SSI Advanced Adventurer course allows Open Water divers to advance their diving skillsets.

Nitrox Course

SGD168 / per person
The SSI Enrich Air Nitrox course allows divers to become equipped with the SSI Enriched Air Nitrox 32% or 40%…
3 Hours

Diver Stress and Rescue

SGD580 / per person
The Diver Stress and Rescue Speciality course imparts the essential skills and knowledge needed to distinguish and deal with underwater…

Dive Master Course

SGD1500 / per person
Our divemaster course is designed to be intense, strict and eye-opening while being fun at the same time. Camaraderie with…
Customisable | Usually takes 6 to 12 months

Instructor Course

SGD2700 / per person
Instructor Evaluation (IE) is a 3 days evaluative program. The candidates will earn the Open Water Instructor (OWI) certification once…
3 Days

Discover Scuba

SGD95 / per person
Want to try Scuba Diving before you decide to take on the full course? Now you can! Experience the thrill…
1/2 Day