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Be mesmerised by Bali’s vibrant mix of culture, arts and beaches

Discover the dive sites in Bali

Bali’s vibrant mix of culture, arts, beaches and waves, all set against a stunning backdrop of verdant rice fields, temples and volcanoes, have long drawn visitors from around the world. However, Bali also has some of Indonesia’s best and most accessible diving.

At Tulamben, on Bali’s northeast coast, one of the world’s most accessible wrecks lies just off the beach – that of the Liberty. Lying on its side just meters from the black pebble shoreline, the wreck offers a perfect opportunity for visitors to dive into history and witness the power of nature to transform a metal hulk into a thriving ecosystem, festooned with soft corals and sea fans.

Tulamben is also one of the world’s most popular dive site, especially for macro-lovers. With the famous Liberty Wreck, enjoy the sights of Bumphead Parrotfish in the morning dive and the creatures playing hide-and-seek with you. Coral Garden is extremely popular, with sunken Buddha statues forming a mystical underwater temple. These are some of the must-visits in Tulamben. Amed is another treasure trove, at Jemeluk Bay. Not as well-known as Tulamben, but has gained a lot of popularity as cafes and resorts sprouted up in the area. Also a great place for macro-life, well-loved by underwater photographers alike.