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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions with regards to Scuba Knights and diving? Here are some FAQs that might help. If there are other questions you’d like to ask, feel free to contact us here.

Where and when do you conduct your classes and trips?
  • Theory classes are held at our shop at Peninsula Shopping Centre normally on Saturdays from 9:00am to 2:00pm.
  • Pool classes are normally conducted on Sunday at Outram park secondary school from 8:30am to 3:00pm.
  • Final practical lessons will usually be held in Tioman Island, unless you have a preference on where you’d like to take your Open Water Dives. Our schedule for Tioman Trips is available here.
Do you have a shop in Singapore?

Yes we do. Our shop is located at 3 Coleman St, #02-15, Singapore 179804.

I'm not adept at swimming, can I still dive?

Swimming is a good skill to have, but it is not a core requirement for diving. The most important factor Scuba Knight instructors to gauge your course performance is to determine whether you are comfortable in water. It’s also important not to panic around water.

A swim test of 200m and thread water for 10m is part of the Open Water Course. However, the intention of the test is not determine your competency as a swimmer but more of whether you are comfortable in water. Scuba Knights’ instructors will adapt our teaching style and speed to the your pace without compromising safety.

For Tioman, are your prices inclusive of Marine Park Fees and Gears?

For courses, our prices are all inclusive. We believe in total transparency, so there are no hidden costs in the prices we list.

For Tioman courses and trips, our prices are full board and include the following:

  • Equipment
  • Gears
  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Underwater Photography

For Tioman Leisure, Dive Master, Instructor and Overseas Trips, equipment are usually not provided as we understand that most experienced divers will already have their own set of equipments (that is better than our’s). However, should you require equipment, they are available for rent and you don’t have to lug them around from Singapore.

What kind of cameras do you use for Underwater Photography?

We use professional equipment and cameras like Nikon D750, Olympus EM1 and even the latest Nikon D850 with professional strobe lights to capture our students memories in highest resolution

Our photographers / instructors have years of UW photography experience and some of them even have won international awards.

Can we still switch dates after confirming?

Yes! We allow a one time change of date to accommodate to our customers schedule. Any changes thereafter will incur a nominal fee as stated in your package unless due to medical or compassionate grounds.

What if i can't make it for the trip or classes last min?

Please visit our Terms of Service for the latest cancellation and postponement policies. Please note that promotional packages may have stricter rules.

How many dives will we be doing in Tioman?

Typically we are able to do 4-5 dives , sometimes even 6, we are flexible on the number of dives as long the weather and time permits without extra cost.

Can we choose any other dates other than the calender?

Yes, we can arrange for bespoke trips if it’s a group booking of more than 8 pax. For group bookings, kindly contact us at [email protected]

Do you do bespoke trips for group bookings?

Yes we do. For group bookings, kindly contact us at [email protected]

How is SSI different from PADI and NDL? Is it recognised worldwide?

Yes. SSI is recognized worldwide. All reliable and recognized dive certification agencies are regulated under EUF (European Underwater Federation) and ISO certified.

For an equivalence chart between major agencies, refer to the chart below:

ISO 24801-2 Autonomous DiverOpen Water DiverOpen Water DiverOpen Water DiverScuba DiverOpen Water Scuba Diver
Advanced AdventurerAdvanced Open WaterAdvanced Scuba DiverAdvanced Adventure
Advanced Open Water DiverMaster Scuba DiverAdvanced Diver
Diver Stress & RescueRescue DiverScuba Rescue DiverRescue Diver
ISO24801-3 Dive LeaderRecreational Dive SupervisorDive GuideDivemasterDivemasterDivemaster
ISO24802-2 Instructor Level 2Recreational Scuba InstructorOpen Water InstructorOpen Water Scuba InstructorInstructorOpen Water Scuba Diver Instructor

SSI takes a difference approach compared to PADI’s Advanced Open Water and Divemaster, namely, SSI’s Advanced Open Water and Divemaster are earned recognitions, awarded only after a set of criteria has been reached.

For the full SSI Standards, click here.

How many years have Scubaknights been operating

Scuba Knights have been operating since 2013, and have been growing rapidly ever since. From conducting classes at their own instructors home to having our own office, transports, dive centers and chalets.

We’ve also recently been accorded two awards from Scuba Schools International:

  • Dive Centre of Excellence, Dive Centre for 2018
  • Instructor with the most certifications for 2018
When is the best time to visit Tioman?

The diving season for Tioman starts in March and runs all the way to October.

From Nov to Feb, Tioman will be closed for Monsoon. During this time we will be conducting our overseas trips on a more frequent basis. Do check out our overseas trips here.

Are there any dangerous sharks in Tioman?

There are no dangerous sharks in Tioman. If you are lucky you may see a shark but it will be more frightened of you. Sharks have never bitten divers in Tioman (only a few places in the world like Australia and South Africa have dangerous sharks).

Can I dive if I wear glasses?

The best option is to wear disposable daily contact lenses while you are diving to prevent infections due to poor cleaning of lenses. Another option is to purchase a scuba diving mask with prescription lenses in advance. We have a range of dive mask prescription lenses in our shop for sale.

Can I get vegetarian or halal meal?

Yes, we are sensitive to the needs of our guests. Do let us know well in advance if you require special dietary arrangement.

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