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MV Frogman – Tioman LOB

Be a VIP onboard MV Frogman

MV Frogman – Tioman LOB

per person
From min. 1 day
15++ Age

This is a chartered, bespoke package – contact us for your personalized quote

Tioman offers many unique experiences for travelers and while the resorts in Tioman are generally pretty decent, living on board the MV Frogman will be an experience not to be missed. The MV Frogman works directly with Scuba Knights and there is a maximum number of 8 beds available every night. This exclusiveness ensures that due attention given and you’ll be given VIP treatment during your diving courses. With a professional crew of 5 manning the boat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, its a safe haven for your diving get-away!

For day trips without stays, the MV Frogman can comfortably cater to 24 pax. We offer several activities for divers and non-divers alike ranging from try dives, snorkelling, canoeing as well as Scuba Diving. The MV Frogman is currently only opened to group bookings only and we require the booking to be made at least 2

  • Rental of the LOB is SGD 2988 for half a day.
  • For overnight stay, there’s an additional charge of SGD 88 per person per night.
  • There’s a 10% discount for every extra day booked.
  • Prices included transportation from Singapore to Tioman, meals, marine park fees, guides, air tank.
  • 12 beds for overnight stays
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