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Nitrox Course

SSI Enriched Air Nitrox

Nitrox Course

SGD168 per person
3 Hours
15++ Age

The Nitrox course is one of the most popular speciality scuba diving courses available. Scuba diving with enriched air gives you more non-decompression dive time equating to longer time under water. This is especially favourable for repetitive scuba dives.

Learn more about Enrich Air Nitrox here.

As the Nitrox course require only 3 hours of theory lessons, it can be taken while you are on a regular dive trip.

You’ll go over the knowledge reviews before doing a test. You’ll learn how to measure the enriched enriched air percentage in a tank, how to set your dive computer, how to manage your oxygen exposure and enriched air scuba diving equipment considerations. You will need to measure at least two tanks.
Kindly note that this course and its pricing, does not include any dives.

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    Casual, but please bring your jacket as the classroom will be cold.