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What Next ?! Specialties!

So, for many of you guys out there, the open water course was something that you wanted to do and after much consideration and debates with your wallets, annual leaves and traditional parents you decided to finish the course!


But what’s next? For many it would be the advanced adventurer course! This course encompasses 5 introductory dives for different specialties! BUT! What if there was another way to progress your diving knowledge at a vastly greater depth and value!


What are specialty courses you say?

Dive Master Instructor Chris in action

Specialty courses are standalone courses that are designed to enhance your learning trajectory by going in depth into a specific topic such as Enriched Air Nitrox, Perfect Buoyancy and Deep Diving to name a few. Unlike the advanced adventurer course, which takes you on a single introductory dive, specialty courses are aimed to impart knowledge that brings you to your next level of diving by going to through the specialty topic in detail!

What the Advanced Adventurer (AA) entail here at Scuba Knights. We tend to teach these 5 introductory topics: Deep, Night, Wreck, Nitrox and computer diving.

  • 5 introductory dives
  • Certified to
    • 30m Depth
    • Nitrox up to 32%
    • Night Dives

The AA course is what I’d like to call the Swiss Army Knives of courses. In a pinch, it will solve problems or come in handy but when it calls for it, the knives, screwdrivers in the toolkit are just not sufficient enough to handle everything that’s thrown at it.

Specialties course are like the specific tool you’d use for handling a specific topic or problem. There are a whole plethora of diving specialty courses under SSI for one to pick and choose to tailor specifically as to how they like to dive or what they want to learn.

Ever heard the phrase Nitrox and seen divers enter the water with yellow labels around their tanks and wonder what its uses are and how you can be able to implement it to your own dives in the future? Enriched Air Nitrox is right up your alley.

Deep Diving encompasses gas management and safety pointers when diving deep and not only that but certifies you to 40m!

Want to fine tune your buoyancy and be the real superman underwater and not endangering and corals at the bottom or evolving away from the cycling method of (NOT)diving? Perfect Buoyancy is definitely the course for you to optimize your breathing and finning techniques to make you the best diver you can be.

Or maybe the science behind diving is what truly peaks your interest! Whenever you dive, WHY? Is the question that keeps popping into your head whenever dive masters or instructors tells you to do or not to do something. Science of Diving specialty plans to answer those questions with the science behind it! Or even specific sharks or turtles are your interest then Marine Ecology specialties would be the one for you!

So be it whether you’re looking to improve your skills or just want to expand your knowledge about diving and the vast mysteries that the ocean have to show us, there is a specialty course for you!

Furthermore, as you progress and start getting more specialties, SSI has a recognition program that recognizes you as a specialty diver, advanced open water diver (don’t mix this up with Advanced Adventurer) and Master Diver!

SSI Training Pathway

So, what are you waiting for? Want to find out more? Drop us a message and we’d be happy to answer any queries that you have! In the meantime, why not join us for a FREE Science of Diving Specialty course coming up?